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Berlin State Opera

Berlin/2009 – 2017

Since its inauguration in 1742, the State Opera Berlin (Staatsoper unter den Linden) had an eventful and often tragic history with it being destroyed and re-erected several times. The current overall refurbishment comprises the opera building itself, the director’s building, the underground connection building and the depot building, where the rehearsal centre will be located. Enhancing the visitor’s comfort, optimising the visitor guiding system, easing stage operating processes and improving the acoustics are the main targets of the highly complex task. The acoustics of the concert hall mainly depends on the available air space, which directly affects the reverberation time. The uplift of the hall’s roof and the prolongation of the proscenium ensure the required enlargement of the concert hall. The acoustically transmitting diamond pattern of the ceiling differs clearly from the historic ornaments, though without going beyond the stylistic setting of the whole interior ensemble.