IBA Energie-Bunker

Hamburg/2012 – 2013

In the course of the IBA Hamburg, the Flakbunker in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg that had been built in 1943 has been transformed into an energy bunker, a regenerative power plant with heat accumulator. This transformation is documented by an exhibition in its interior. Despite its conversion and transformation, which partially break up the dark caginess of the building, the past doesn’t vanish from the walls of the bunker but remains present as a trace of history. Past and present are intertwined. The bunker itself is the most important exhibit of the exhibition. Its structure, alleys and rooms shape the design and didactics of the exhibition. Cubes of welded and varnished stainless steel plates tell the story of the bunker and the stories that took place in it. QR codes printed on the cubes offer further information. That way visitors can chose their own tour and the information depth of their visit. Additionally, a booklet is available for those without smart phones and as a general souvenir.