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Town Museum Ludwigsburg

Ludwigsburg/2010 – 2013

The Town Museum Ludwigsburg is the new centre point of cultural life in the city. The elaborately renovated and altered historical building houses the museum on three exhibition levels. They tell the story of the city of Ludwigsburg, from the courtly beginnings until the present day. The museum links several narrative forms complimenting each other and creating a manifold experience of the exhibition. Chronologically and thematically arranged spaces and object layouts – “City Chronicle” and “Cabinets” on the upper level, cover the historical gamut from the foundation of the town in 1704 to today. Associative, anecdotal exhibits and stories - “Chronicles” and “Lost Objects” – facilitate the access and enrich the exhibition. Eventually, the building too becomes an exhibit: Short episodes about the house and its rooms are told on chosen spots. Constant references to the “real” city make the museum an ideal place of departure for guided city tours and individual explorations of Ludwigsburg, its history and peculiarities.