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UNESCO World Heritage Kloster Lorsch

Lorsch/2010 – 2014

The Kloster Lorsch has for centuries been a medieval power-political and cultural centre. The site of the former Benedictine abbey comprises amongst others the Torhalle (“Königshalle”), the gate hall, one of the few preserved architectural monuments dating back to the Carolingian period, and the archaeological site of the monastic church fragment. A general project plan envisages connecting the heterogeneous structure of the world heritage site with a common use of style and making it accessible to visitors from all over the world. A central part of this project plan is the development of a visitor and reception building that also integrates the Lauresham Park with its model buildings of a medieval village. The new reception building is a starting point for several tours to discover the world heritage site. Ticket office, information, shop, café and museum related educational offers are located here. The reception complex consists of a strung-out single-story glass building, which similar to an experimental laboratory contains individual cubes for the various uses. Due to this house-in-house concept, the infrastructure of the building is as autarkic as possible – this is amongst others facilitated by the photovoltaic plants on the roof and the geothermic wells.